Fiji | Vomo

This post is part of a series from my recent trip to Fiji.  Click here for the introductory post. AT VOMO, I did a reef excursion which was out of a movie. The small boat takes you to a reef - which just pops up in the ocean. You jump off with your naturalist and … Continue reading Fiji | Vomo

Luxury India | A&K Small Group Tour   f o r   m o r e   i n f o r m a t i o n   &   t o   b o o k   josh friedman luxury travel in san francisco 415.987.0372 | an independent affiliate of travel experts | a virtuoso agency Sign up … Continue reading Luxury India | A&K Small Group Tour

Update | Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Hello clients & friends, I just attended a seminar presented by my local Regent Seven Cruises representative, and happy to report the latest.  By the way, to give you an idea of the kind of company they are, and continue to be, she's been with them over 20 years. See below offer, expiring 11/4/2016 A … Continue reading Update | Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Maui | Four Seasons at Wailea

Aloha and Good Afternoon! Day Two of our trip to Maui is nearing cocktail hour. But more about that in tomorrow's post. If you missed Day One, click here. Yesterday started off with drive in nearby Kihei to try a local breakfast and meet the townspeople. Kihei is a fun basic surf town with a very beautiful … Continue reading Maui | Four Seasons at Wailea