My last post was on New Orleans which is about as much of a 180 from Dubai as is possible. This place is young, brash, opulent (ok, so is NOLA), conservative and wealthy. Like Las Vegas without sex. Enjoy the pix. Mumbai tomorrow!


New Orleans

Just spent a couple of days in NOLA before going off to India via Dubai. New Orleans is really one of the most beautiful cities anywhere. We did a historical bike ride, walked the French Quarter and drove around the Garden District. And ate well. Enjoy the pix.

Visiting Australia | Sydney Melbourne Pt Douglas Don't suppose this picture is what you might first think of when thinking about Australia. We were a bit surprised as well. If you look through this Flickr album though, you'll see the usual things to, like the Sydney Opera House, a kangaroo and a tropical fish at the Great Barrier Reef. But you'll … Continue reading Visiting Australia | Sydney Melbourne Pt Douglas

Paris, Dublin and Ireland

In the balmy Spring of 2017 I flew to Paris for a couple of days, and then joined some happy returning EuroDisney travelers (not planned) for the Paris/Dublin flight, where I learned about apparently famous Irish potato chips.  I joined up with John in Dublin where he had been on business and we set off … Continue reading Paris, Dublin and Ireland

Edinburgh & London Report

I visited Edinburgh and London this past November and here is my report, in photos. The hotels stayed in were The Balmoral, a Rocco Forte Hotel, a grande dame set above the railway station in Edinburgh.  And in London, another Rocco Forte hotel, Brown's Hotel, a classic central Mayfair establishment which has been around longer … Continue reading Edinburgh & London Report