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In Valencia, Spain. Manuelo Baixauli.


HERE’S one luxury travel expert’s view of the world of luxury travel from multiple view points – my own, my clients  and my suppliers (the world’s top hotels, cruise lines, guides and local experts.)




You’ll find topics include:

Reports on where I’ve Traveled

Hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, guides, transportation. You name it. For instance my latest series of reports is from my trip to Italy and Istanbul in 2015.  Click on My Blogs to your right to read it.


Representatives from the best travel companies in the USA and worldwide sit down and speak with me about what’s new with their products. Hear what insiders are saying about the luxury cruise and hotel business.  Tour companies, too.  And what our network of  ultra-luxury partners are doing all over the world.


Perugia. University for Foreigners.What’s New

The latest on new hotels, new resorts, new fabulous luxury cruise ships, new restaurants. You get the idea.


There are always photos. Lots of them.

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