Summer Favorites: Venice & Santorini

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We asked our globetrotting guests to share which Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Mediterranean destination evoked the best summer memories and received a deluge of submissions, from the magnificent walled city of Dubrovnik and visually spectacular Barcelona to the architectural glory of Rome and the enchanting villages of Provence. However, there were two places that were the clear favorites: Venice and Santorini.


“Venice is breathtakingly beautiful. It is more an impossibility of creation than a real city.
Loved the people, loved the fantasy and beauty.”

“Another vote for Venice. The entrance is breathtaking. The history is palpable. The romance of walking the city, riding the gondolas and finding small places to dine are consuming. Would love to go back and spend more time.”

“Sailing into Venice was fantastic, but the view we had sitting at a rooftop
restaurant in Santorini fulfilled a lifelong dream.”

“We fell in love with…

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