Why Italy is like India

Take hunger for instance. I’m hungry right now, but I’m totally loving my restaurant experience here in Sorrento. The waiter and the pizza maker are taking a break and chatting with two beautiful female customers. I assume my pasta is coming – paccheri con melanzane and ….ok the pizza maker just brought it…mandorle (almonds).

The relaxed vibe is impossible to describe to anybody who hasn’t been to Italy. It’s fantastic. It’s 100% un-American.

I was hungry in Rishikesh, India a couple of years ago. I was attending a typical arti sunset ceremony on the banks of the Ganga (Ganges) with a group and we were invited to meet with the guru. So starving I went and thoroughly enjoyed that beyond unique experience.

So Italy and India aren’t really alike but offer the over stimulated American the opportunity to sit back and enjoy life. And that’s a gift. # joshtravels

p.s. I wrote this entire piece here in Sorrento as the waiter or pizza cook didn’t rush me out. Or even bring a check.


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